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Team Category: Founding Member

Founding members are the original members who initiated AANA organization activity and registered to the state and federal.

Mahesh W

Mahesh has been a member of AANA since its inception in 2008. He is an automotive engineer by profession with over two decades of experience in engineering, sales, and supply chain management. Over the years he has served as AANA’s secretary and a Board of Director. He is currently one of members of AANA’s Advisory committee. His goal is to pay back to the society and empower dalit and bahujan youth to take AANA’s mission to the next level.

Chatak D

Chatak has been part of AANA’s since its initiation in 2008. By profession, he is a senior product engineer in the automotive industry. He has been a member and volunteer at AANA since its inception. He served as a treasurer in the past and currently serves as one of the Board of Directors. He believes in AANA’s objectives of empowering underprivileged through education and thus volunteers on various projects.